Expert Roller Shade Installation vs DIY: Making the Best Choice

Expert Roller Shade Installation vs DIY: Making the Best Choice

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Deciding between a DIY or professional roller shade installation can be a difficult choice when upgrading the windows in your home. Installing new roller shades yourself may seem like an easy way to save money, but expert installation has many advantages. This guide will cover the key factors to help you determine whether to DIY or hire a pro roller shade installation company.

DIY Roller Shade Installation Overview

Installing roller shades yourself can be a great project if you’re handy and have the right tools. Here’s a quick overview of what’s involved with a DIY shade installation:

Gather Supplies

You’ll need the roller shades, mounting brackets and hardware, a drill, level, screwdriver, ladder, and possibly a helper. Ensure you have all the necessary supplies before starting.

Measure Carefully

Precise measurements are crucial, so the shades fit the windows properly. Measure width and height carefully according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Install Mounting Brackets

Attach the mounting brackets at the proper level and location. This step is important to ensure the shades roll up evenly.

Mount the Shades

Insert the roller shade into the brackets and secure it. Check that the shade rolls up and down smoothly.

Safety Features

If the shades have cords, attach cord cleats or tension devices to keep cords out of reach of kids and pets.

Adjust and Trim Excess

Make any final adjustments, so the shades fit perfectly, then trim any excess material.

Benefits of Professional Installation

While DIY shade installation is definitely doable, hiring professional installers has some significant advantages:

expert roller shade installation vs diy: making the best choice

Perfect Fit

Experienced installers have the skills to flawlessly measure, mount, and adjust shades to fit your windows exactly right. No guessing games with measurements.

Ideal Placement

Professionals will expertly determine the optimal mounting height and bracket location for each shade based on the window size and room.

Level Installation

Installers have specialized tools and methods for keeping shades perfectly level. This ensures they roll up and down smoothly without shifting from side to side.

Advanced Safety Features

Companies use advanced safety devices like cordless lift systems or motorization to eliminate dangling cords. DIY options are limited for cordless and motorized shades.

Access to Specialty Products

Professional installers have access to premium hardware, hard-to-install shades like extra-wide formats, and advanced automation systems.

Efficiency and Minimal Mess

A pro team can complete the installation process much faster than a DIY project, with minimal disruption to your home. No dealing with tools, ladders, dust, etc.

Warranties and Service

Reputable companies provide warranties and continued service if any issues arise down the road. You’re covered if shades fail or need adjustments.

Key Considerations for Your Shades

When deciding between DIY and professional installation, keep these factors in mind:

Shade Type and Features

Cordless, motorized, or extra wide shades are especially challenging for DIY. Consider pros for specialty shades.

Window Type and Location

Hard-to-reach or unusually shaped windows often require professional expertise.

Your Handiness Level

If you don’t feel confident in your measuring, mounting, leveling, and adjustment abilities, hire the experts.

Time and Hassle

Factor in the time spent running to the hardware store, hauling tools and ladders, cleaning up, and possible re-dos if DIY doesn’t go smoothly.

Ongoing Service Needs

Will professional tweaks or repairs be needed down the road? If so, pros may be the best option from the start.


Add up the cost of the tools and materials needed for DIY. Compare it to the investment in hiring experts and decide what works best for your budget.

Roller Shade Specialists Are Your Best Bet

For most homeowners, hiring professional roller shade installers is the simplest way to guarantee a perfect fit, safety, and long-lasting performance from new shades. The slight additional upfront investment is well worth it when you consider the benefits:

  • Flawless measurements and mountings
  • Cordless, motorized, and specialty shade options
  • Advanced child and pet safety protocols
  • Faster, cleaner installation
  • Warranties and ongoing service

Work with reputable shade companies that have expertise in installing all shade types in any window. They’ll ensure your new shades enhance your rooms with ease for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roller Shade Installation

How much more does professional installation cost compared to DIY?

Professional installation may cost 25–50% more than DIY material. But the benefits often outweigh the small price difference.

It’s not impossible, but DIY installation of motorized or cordless shades is very challenging and may void warranties. Professional installation is strongly advised.

For very basic shades in easy-to-reach windows, DIY can work well if you’re handy. But even basic shades often benefit from professional fine-tuning.

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