Arched Window Treatments

Arched windows are unique window shapes that evoke visual interest and add character to any home. However, its distinctive shape often poses certain difficulties, especially when searching for the best-suited window coverings.

infograph showcasing various types of arched windows, including semicircular, palladian, eyebrow, elliptical, and gothic.

Window Treatment Options for Arched Windows

Selecting the right treatment for arched windows involves considering functionality, aesthetic alignment, and the unique contour of each window type.


Shutters are an ideal choice for arched windows. They effortlessly provide light control and privacy to any space while elevating the overall look of your arched windows with their customizable finishes—perfectly complementing any décor put in place. With low maintenance costs and a long lifespan, shutters make an economical and practical addition to your Rocklin home.

Roman Shades

Roman shades add a soft, elegant touch to arched windows by gracefully draping across their form and providing effective light filtering. Their range of fabric choices and styles further emphasizes the inherent beauty of arched designs.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are suitable energy-saving choices for arched windows due to their insulation properties and custom-cut designs. Due to their unique honeycomb structure, they help maintain an ideal indoor temperature. Their custom-cut nature makes them highly efficient energy producers that help make the room temperature comfortable without diminishing the window’s allure.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Treatments for Arched Windows

norman® shutter

Arch shape and size

Arched windows come in various shapes, such as half-circle, elliptical, or Gothic. Measure the width and height of the arch to ensure proper fit.

Window placement

Consider whether the arched window is standalone or part of a larger window configuration, as this will impact treatment options and design.

Room style and décor

Choose treatments that complement the overall aesthetic of the room, such as traditional, modern, or rustic.

Light control

Decide whether you want to block light completely, filter it softly, or allow maximum natural light through the arched window.


Assess your privacy needs based on the window's location and proximity to neighbors or public spaces.

Mounting options

Determine if you prefer inside-mount or outside-mount treatments, considering the depth and shape of the window frame.

Fabric and materials

Select fabrics or materials that suit the arch shape and desired functionality, such as lightweight, flexible fabrics for soft treatments or sturdy materials for custom-fitted shutters.

Elevating Arched Windows with Style and Function

At The Blind Guy, we understand both the challenges and beauty arched windows bring to any interior space. Our selection of custom window treatments has been specially created to meet Rocklin, CA residents’ interior design needs – no matter if it is classic elegance or modern simplicity! By considering factors like size, shape, room décor, light control needs, privacy requirements, ease of operations, or any other considerations, The Blind Guy is your reliable partner when searching for suitable arched window treatments!

Arched Window Treatment Inspiration