Parkland® Wood Blinds in Rocklin, CA

Discover our largest selection of hardwood blinds that features bright whites and rich, modern stains. Parkland Wood Blinds, which are 100% basswood, is available in a wide selection of paint colors, stains, and slat sizes so that you can find just the right design for your home!

Transform Your Home with Parkland® Wood Blinds

Parkland® Wood Blinds offers an elegant window treatment solution with lasting functionality made of premium hardwood materials for an authentic, classic style that adds a contemporary edge.

They come in an assortment of finishes, colors, and slat sizes to complement your unique style and preference. Their easy-to-adjust slats also allow for light control and privacy control with a seamless operation. Plus, their cordless design ensures child safety for effortless operation!

Features & Benefits of Parkland® Wood Blinds

Made From Sustainable Materials

Our hardwoods are harvested from responsibly managed forests.


Our optional de-Light™ feature hides cord holes, reduces light leaks, and increases privacy.

Cornices, The Perfect Accent

Parkland Wood™ Cornices and Bridgeview™ Cornices are perfect top treatments for any Hunter Douglas window fashion. Made of 100% domestic wood, hand-finished and assembled by true craftsmen. Available in a variety of styles and heights.


Being able to tilt your window treatments with our motorized system means you can tilt them open or closed with the touch of a button without leaving your seat. How easy is that?

Arbor Day Foundation®

For every Parkland wood blind purchased, Hunter Douglas makes a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation® to support its effort to plan and preserve trees and the rainforest.

UV protection

Parkland Wood Blinds provide at least 75% protection from harmful UV rays for lasting fading protection of furniture, flooring, and artwork. We also guarantee lifetime coverage!

See the Difference

Our Parkland® Wood Blinds Gallery

Visit our gallery now and discover how Parkland Blinds can transform your home! Our gallery showcases an impressive array of Parkland Blinds to meet the needs of both traditional and modern interior designs.