Tailor-made Window Treatments in Folsom, CA

Unlock the Right Window Coverings for Your Folsom Abode

Beautify Your Folsom Home with Superb Window Treatments from The Blind Guy

Well-respected in the Folsom, CA, locations, we are dedicated to transforming properties with top-notch window treatments. Our experienced team combines skill and a keen eye for design to create stunning outcomes. At The Blind Guy, we highly value craftsmanship, quality, and individualized service.

Uplift Your Folsom Residence with Elegant Window Treatments

Style Up Your Home

Select from a broad selection of trendy and functional window treatments that boost the visual charm of your Folsom home.

Control Light and Privacy

Experience perfect regulation of sunlight while ensuring desired privacy level with our superior window treatments.

Energy Efficient Options

Opt for our energy-saving products to cut on energy expenses and lessen your environmental impact. 

Durable and Long-Lasting Solutions

Invest in durable window treatments that offer sustainability for your Folsom residence’s interior, withstanding the test of time.

Automated Convenience

Embrace the convenience of automatic adjustments. Our PowerView Automation allows you to adjust your blinds or shades per your schedule or even by a simple voice command or a touch on your smart device.

Folsom, California: A Fascinating Blend of History and Modernity

Folsom, CA, a city ingrained with historical importance, offers a captivating blend of rich heritage, picturesque landscapes, and exciting attractions. Known for the Folsom Powerhouse, the city boasts a thriving arts community, particularly known for its Theatre and the Folsom Prison Museum. Whether you’re interested in exploring the renowned Folsom Lake or want to revel in the city’s vibrant downtown nightlife, Folsom has something for everyone.

Experience Exquisite Spaces Created Exclusively for You

At The Blind Guy, we place crucial importance on customer contentment. As a family-owned enterprise, we strive to deliver unsurpassed window solutions that exceed your expectations. A truly extraordinary experience awaits you when you select us as your window treatment provider!

Our proficient team lends unmatched expertise to all projects they undertake, right from design to installation. Expect your window treatments to accurately emulate your style and requirements.

We aim to provide premier window coverings and unparalleled service in the Folsom community.



Experience the enduring allure of our blinds series- a selection encompassing Everwood or Parkland Wood Blinds. Imbued with a touch of elegance in every element, our blinds promise superior light regulation and privacy, thereby transforming any room into a haven of sophistication.



Revamp your surroundings with our sophisticated shades. Whether your taste leans towards the minimalism of roller shades, the plush allure of Roman shades, or the eco-friendly functionality of cellular shades, The Blind Guy has the impeccable solution tailored just for you. Delve into our extensive assortment of fabrics, designs, and transparency grades to discover the perfect synthesis of aesthetics and utility.



Elevate both the aesthetic appeal and practicality of your windows with our top-tier shutters. With The Blind Guy's shutters, you have the freedom to create your desired visual effect, coupled with the benefits of excellent light management and the assurance of privacy.



Luminette Privacy Sheers present a sophisticated and luxurious window solution, ingeniously blending the elegance of sheers with the functionality of blinds. These unique sheers are designed with vertical vanes seamlessly incorporated into the sheer fabric, facilitating effortless control over light and privacy to match your needs.