Creative Ways to Use Roller Shades in Interior Design

custom roller shades for windows

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Roller shades have come a long way from the basic beige window coverings of yesterday. Today’s roller shades offer a myriad of creative options to transform any room. With custom fabrics, motorization, and specialized shapes, roller shades enable interior designers to make windows a focal point rather than an afterthought.

Read on for inspiration and innovative ways to use modern roller shades to elevate your interior design.

Accentuate Architecture

custom roller shades for windows

One of the most creative applications for roller shades is using them to spotlight unique architectural details. Whether you have specialty-shaped windows, a set of French doors, or an arched transom, use made-to-measure roller shades in a solid color to call attention to the lines and curves. The sleek, unobtrusive look of a roller shade ensures the design remains the star. For a striking look, opt for contrasting colors, like a charcoal shade over a Palladian window.

Incorporate Visual Interest

Tired of plain roller shade fabrics? Many companies now offer woven materials and printed designs to infuse personality into any space. From geometric patterns to nature themes, texture and color in shades add vibrancy. Use this opportunity to layer patterns and prints in a tasteful way. Or pick out an accent color in artwork or furniture and find a shade of fabric to match.

Zone Spaces Creatively

Beyond the typical window application, creative designers are using roller shades to define spaces and transition between zones. Utilize partitions of colored shades to carve out a reading nook within a living area. Roll down an opaque divider to hide a work-from-home office. With motorized shades, it’s easy to roll them up and down as needed to alter the ambiance. Use rich fabrics like velvet or linen for an especially luxe look.

custom roller shades for windows

Key Benefits of Roller Shades

  • Sleek, customizable look to match any decor
  • Made-to-measure for perfect light control
  • Options like motorization for easy lifting
  • Specialty shapes for unique spaces
  • Vast array of fabrics & prints

Make a Bold Statement

For making a dramatic design statement, oversized roller shades can’t be beat. Floor-to-ceiling shades in entryways or two-story great rooms make a huge impact. Opaque blackout roller shades in heavy fabrics like velvet command attention, especially at night when interior lighting takes center stage. Or try extra-wide shades on extremely broad picture windows for a palatial look. If you have a significant shift in ceiling height, a series of progressively longer roller shades on a bank of windows establishes a rhythm.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What special shape custom roller shades are possible?

Roller shade technology can accommodate circular porthole windows, arched openings, angular architectural details, and uneven measurements.

Absolutely! Consider hand-painted designs, art tile accents, unique object assemblies, contrast welting, and added fringe or cords for one-of-a-kind styles.

Programmable timers, remote controls, and motorization allow for controlled choreography of multiple shades – synchronizing motions or changing imagery.

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